bruno bermon berchi   new work about shop




Physical territories delimited by intangible cultural boundaries as a metaphor how the virtual shape the reality.
This work explores, the relationship between reality and virtual world. The relation between an object and his representation. This series is about creating an imaginary world built on the limits.

What if we invest the boundaries rather than territories ?



Complexity of the formation of personalised territories for each community.



When the Legend of the Minotaur is confronted by a contemporary medium, a computer, what does it tell us?
What does tradition or modernity really mean? Which forms can take the maze?
This work explores these questions through a mix of digital techniques.

Is an image, a promise of truth and a myth always a false belief ?



The boroughs of London are assimilated to a big puzzle.
All the pieces look as they belong to the same family of colours and shapes but
once put together in the right order, they all have a strong unique personality.
The combination of a computer process to project a hand made drawing on virtual 3D sculptures has generated this series of giclée prints on waxed fine art paper.

Each borough is a limited edition of 100.



Series of sketches and digital life drawings. Those portraits and cityscapes has been done between 2015-2017